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The Solar Tax Credit Explained

Federal Tax Incentives

Please note: At Prodigy Power, we specialize in solar, not in taxes! Tax codes are complicated, so be sure to consult your tax advisor before deciding what is best for you. If you have questions regarding your Federal Investment Tax Credit or IRS Form 5695, do not refer questions to your Energy Specialist or Prodigy Power. Rather, you should discuss your situation with your CPA or other qualified tax advisor. Prodigy Power is not responsible for or liable for any errors or omissions in regards to your personal tax and finance situation or obligation.

How do I get the Federal Tax Incentive for my solar panels?

As you prepare your taxes you are going to want a copy of your purchase agreement. There’s plenty of information about the value of the residential ITC. But figuring out how to actually claim the credit when tax comes around is another story. Here are step by step instructions on filling out Form 5695 to Form 1040. Find specific information on this web page:

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Understanding Your Electric Bill

Curious how to read your electric bill after getting solar on your house?
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Your Net Metering Bill Explained

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Solar Billing Information

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